Heavy duty water suction and delivery hose
manufactured to BS1102: 1977 (1983).

Cover: Black NR/SBR resistant to weather, abrasion and ozone.

Branding: Water S/D W.P. 10 Bar – 150psi yellow stripe.

Reinforcement: Textile plies, high tensile steel wire helix.

Tube: Black NR/SBR.

Safety Factor: 3 : 1 minimum

Temperature: From -30°C to +80°C

Vacuum: 23ins. / Hg

Heavy Duty Rubber Suction and Delivery Hose

Hose I.D.
Hose O.D.
Working Pressure.
Bend Radius.
25mm35mm10bar152mm0.80 Kg/Mtr
32mm42mm10bar190mm1.00 Kg/Mtr
38mm48mm10bar228mm1.10 Kg/Mtr
45mm56mm10bar267mm1.30 Kg/Mtr
51mm61mm10bar305mm1.90 Kg/Mtr
57mm69mm10bar330mm2.10 Kg/Mtr
60mm71mm10bar355mm2.20 Kg/Mtr
63mm74mm10bar381mm2.30 Kg/Mtr
76mm88mm10bar457mm2.90 Kg/Mtr
80mm92mm10bar495mm3.50 Kg/Mtr
90mm105mm10bar533mm4.00 Kg/Mtr
102mm118mm10bar610mm4.50 Kg/Mtr
114mm131mm10bar622mm5.00 Kg/Mtr
127mm144mm10bar635mm5.60 Kg/Mtr
152mm172mm10bar915mm8.20 Kg/Mtr
10 Bar Water S&D hose to BS1102: 1977 (1983)


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