SWAN-TUBINGDescription: Swan Tube is constructed of a rigid grey PVC strip profile which is spirally wound to produce a robust flexible duct. Supplied in standard 5 metre lengths.

Applications: Swan Tube is self-supporting and can be bent into shape making it Ideal for fume extraction from work benches and the removal woodworking dust to comply with Health and Safety regulations. Other applications include air supply, liquid supply at low pressures, conveyance of powders, granules and dust extraction.

Sizes: Stock diameters are 55mm, 75mm, 95mm, 125mm & 150mm. Other diameters from 22mm to 500mm are available subject to minimum order. Swan tube diameters can be manipulated up to 35% by twisting the tube clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Options: Different colours to special order. Black coloured in Anti-static and Electrically conductive versions available. Custom lengths.

Temperature Range: -20°C to +80°C

Swan Tubing

Hose I.D.
Wall Thickness.
Approx Bend Radius.
Standard Length.
The diameter of Swan Tube can be adjusted up or down by 35% by twisting the tube clockwise or anti-clockwise.
55mm3mm140mm5 metres0.42 Kg/Mtr
75mm3mm190mm5 metres0.74 Kg/Mtr
95mm3mm240mm5 metres1.05 Kg/Mtr
125mm3mm315mm5 metres1.45 Kg/Mtr
150mm3mm375mm5 metres1.65 Kg/Mtr
Swan Tubing


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