Super-heated Steam Hose
manufactured to BS 5342 Type 2A

Cover: Red EPDM, excellent resistance to
ageing & weathering. * = Available in Black Cover.

Branding: TT BS5342 2A year 17 bar – 250 psi size 232°C – 450F
Drain after use

Reinforcement: Spiral wire plies.

Tube: Black EPDM compounded to withstand steam up to 232°C.

Temperature: From -40°C to +232°C

Safety Factor: 10:1 Minimum

Super-heated Steam Hose

Hose I.D.
Hose O.D.
Working Pressure.
Burst Pressure.
It is strongly recommended that steam hose couplings and the correct size clamps are
always used. It is not recommended that couplings are swaged onto steam hose.
13mm25mm17bar170bar0.50 Kg/Mtr
19mm*31mm17bar170bar0.75 Kg/Mtr
25mm*37mm17bar170bar1.00 Kg/Mtr
32mm46mm17bar170bar1.30 Kg/Mtr
38mm52mm17bar170bar1.80 Kg/Mtr
51mm66mm17bar170bar2.30 Kg/Mtr
63mm*81mm17bar170bar3.30 Kg/Mtr
76mm*96mm17bar170bar4.50 Kg/Mtr
102mm124mm17bar170bar5.70 Kg/Mtr
17bar Steam Hose to BS5342 Type A


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