·         Tough, corrosion free polypropylene construction
·         Lightweight – average just 10 kg, easy to install
·         Supplied with fitted hose for specified application
·         Choice of lockable mounting brackets
·         Positive spring loaded latching mechanism
·         Fully automatic hose rewind for neat and tidy storage
·         Low effort easy-to-use rewind tension
·         Completely serviceable – all parts readily available

Retracta Semi-enclosed Fuel/Oil/Grease Reels

Model Reference.
Reel Capacity.
Hose I.D.
Hose Type.
Working Pressure.
Inlet Size.
Hose Outlet.
Reel Colour.
All reels supplied with BU100 bracket for wall mounting to 1.8 mtr and overhead.
For higher wall or bench/floor mounting specify BB100 bracket when ordering. 
Additional mounting brackets are available.
HW100DDiesel Delivery. 12 metres (40')12.5mm (1/2")Reinforced Rubber16bar (230psi)3/8"BSPF1/2"BSPMBlue
OMP100Oil Medium Pressure 10 metres (30')10mm (3/8")Wire Reinforced Rubber69bar (1000psi)3/8"BSPF3/8"BSPMBlue
OMP200Oil Medium Pressure.10 metres (30')12.5mm (1/2")Wire Reinforced Rubber69bar (1000psi)3/8"BSPF1/2"BSPMBlue
GR100Grease10 metres (30')6mm (1/4")Wire Reinforced Rubber340bar (5000psi)1/4"BSPF1/8"BSPMBlack
Diesel Delivery/Oil Delivery/Grease Reels


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Retracta Semi-enclosed Fuel/Oil/Grease Reels