PVC-FLEX-SPIRAL-LW-HOSEDescription: A plasticized PVC ducting with a rigid, anti-shock PVC spiral reinforcement. Perfectly smooth inner with a corrugated outer.

Applications: Suction of air, fumes, gasses and sawdust. Also suitable for light duty water delivery.

  • Capabilities:
  • Light and very flexible.
  • Excellent bend radius.
  • Ozone and UV resistant.

Temperature range: -10°C to +50°C.

Light Weight PVC Flex Spiral Ducting

Hose I.D.
Minimum Wall Thickness.
Maximum Wall Thickness.
Vacuum Rating.
Bend Radius.
Coils Lengths.
Pressure and vacuum data is based on an ambient 20°C operating temperature. Any increase in temperature will result in a decrease of the pressure/vacuum capabilities.
25mm0.8mm2.5mm2.5 Mtr/H²O30mm150 g/mtr30/50 metres
30mm0.8mm2.6mm2.5 Mtr/H²O35mm190 g/mtr30/50 metres
32mm0.8mm2.8mm2 Mtr/H²O35mm200 g/mtr30/50 metres
35mm0.8mm2.9mm2 Mtr/H²O35mm225 g/mtr30/50 metres
38mm0.8mm3.0m2 Mtr/H²O45mm250 g/mtr30/50 metres
40mm0.8mm3.0mm2 Mtr/H²O50mm270 g/mtr30/50 metres
45mm0.8mm3.1mm2 Mtr/H²O55mm340 g/mtr30/50 metres
50mm0.8mm3.5mm2 Mtr/H²O60mm415 g/mtr30/50 metres
51mm0.8mm3.5mm2 Mtr/H²O60mm415 g/mtr30/50 metres
60mm0.8mm3.6mm1.6 Mtr/H²O70mm485 g/mtr30/50 metres
63.5mm0.8mm3.6mm1.6 Mtr/H²O70mm505 g/mtr30/50 metres
70mm0.9mm3.8mm1.5 Mtr/H²O90mm560 g/mtr30/50 metres
76mm0.9mm3.8mm1.5 Mtr/H²O100mm615 g/mtr30/50 metres
80mm0.9mm4.3mm1.5 Mtr/H²O110mm725 g/mtr30/50 metres
90mm0.9mm4.5mm1.4 Mtr/H²O125mm825 g/mtr30 metres
100mm0.9mm4.6mm1.3 Mtr/H²O140mm940 g/mtr30 metres
102mm0.9mm4.6mm1.3 Mtr/H²O140mm940 g/mtr20/30 metres
110mm1.0mm5.0mm1.2 Mtr/H²O150mm1065 g/mtr30 metres
120mm1.0mm5.0mm1 Mtr/H²O160mm1165 g/mtr30 metres
127mm1.0mm5.0mm1 Mtr/H²O170mm1230 g/mtr30 metres
130mm1.0mm5.0mm0.9 Mtr/H²O170mm1260 g/mtr30 metres
140mm1.0mm5.1mm0.9 Mtr/H²O175mm1405 g/mtr20/30 metres
152mm1.1mm5.2mm0.8 Mtr/H²O180mm1550 g/mtr20/30 metres
160mm1.1mm5.3mm0.7 Mtr/H²O190mm1725 g/mtr20 metres
180mm1.1mm6.0mm0.4 Mtr/H²O300mm1940 g/mtr20 metres
200mm1.1mm6.0mm0.4 Mtr/H²O400mm2135 g/mtr10/20 metres
203mm1.1mm6.0mm0.4 Mtr/H²O400mm2135 g/mtr10/20 metres
250mm1.2mm6.8mm0.4 Mtr/H²O450mm3210 g/mtr10 metres
300mm1.2mm6.9mm0.3 Mtr/H²O1000mm3895 g/mtr10 metres
PVC Flex Spiral LW


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