PU-FLEX-SPIRAL-MW-HOSEDescription: Medium Wall Polyurethane ducting reinforced with a anti-shock rigid PVC helix. Corrugated outer with a perfectly smooth bore for optimised flow characteristics. Wall thickness from 0.8mm to 1.0mm.

  • Options:
  • PU Ester grade with dark grey spiral for Industrial applications.
  • PU Ether grade with Ivory coloured spiral for Food grade applications.
  • Both grades available with a copper wire bonded to hose outer for anti-static applications.
  • Applications:
  • PU Ester grade for use with abrasive powders, pellets, plastic granules, fibres and dust.
  • PU Ether food grade version for use with Liquid and dry foods such as grain, sugar, flour and animal feed. Suitable for fatty foods except milk and dairy products.

                                                                                             Temperature range: -40°C to +80°C.

PU Flex Spiral MW (Medium Wall)

Hose I.D.
Minimum Wall Thickness.
Maximum Wall Thickness.
Vacuum Rating.
Bend Radius.
Coil Length.
Pressure and vacuum data is for guide purposes only and is based on an ambient 20°C operating temperature. Any increase in temperature will result in a decrease of the pressure/vacuum capabilities.
30mm0.8mm3.0mm3.5 Mtr/H²O100mm250 g/mtr30 metres
38mm0.8mm3.3mm3 Mtr/H²O130mm310 g/mtr30 metres
40mm0.8mm3.6mm3 Mtr/H²O140mm350 g/mtr30 metres
45mm1.0mm4.0mm3 Mtr/H²O160mm440 g/mtr30 metres
51mm1.0mm4.5mm3 Mtr/H²O175mm550 g/mtr30 metres
60mm1.0mm4.5mm3 Mtr/H²O200mm640 g/mtr30 metres
63.5mm1.0mm4.5mm3 Mtr/H²O230mm670 g/mtr30 metres
70mm1.0mm4.5mm3 Mtr/H²O250mm750 g/mtr30 metres
76mm1.0mm4.5mm2.5 Mtr/H²O270mm780 g/mtr30 metres
90mm1.0mm5.2mm2.5 Mtr/H²O360mm1050 g/mtr30 metres
102mm1.0mm5.7mm2.5 Mtr/H²O400mm1270 g/mtr30 metres
110mm1.0mm5.8mm2.5 Mtr/H²O440mm1400 g/mtr30 metres
120mm1.0mm5.9mm2.5 Mtr/H²O470mm1500 g/mtr30 metres
127mm1.0mm5.9mm2.5 Mtr/H²O500mm1600 g/mtr30 metres
152mm1.0mm6.4mm2 Mtr/H²O600mm2000 g/mtr20 metres
203mm1.2mm8.9mm1 Mtr/H²O400mm2900 g/mtr20 metres
254mm1.2mm8.9mm1 Mtr/H²O500mm3600 g/mtr10 metres
304mm1.2mm8.9mm0.8 Mtr/H²O610mm4300 g/mtr10 metres
Polyurethane Ducting Hose


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