LDPE-TUBING_retouch_2Description: P.T.F.E. (Polytetrafluroethylene) tubing is one of the most versatile engineering materials available and is recognised for its flexibility, even at very low temperatures. It is almost universally inert to industrial chemicals and solvents and can handle virtually any corrosive material in use today. There is low permeability of the tube contents.

P.T.F.E. tubing has non-stick properties which allow it to convey viscous, sticky materials without blocking the tube. It has the lowest coefficient of friction of any solid material. The material is extremely durable and offers excellent resistance against ageing as well as being non-flammable and with excellent electrical and weather resistance. The tubing is made without the use of plasticisers ensuring that it will not work-harden with use.

Temperature Range: -200°C to +260°C

• Transport of harsh chemicals
• Transport of nutrients
• Paint & printing equipment
• Welding electrode guide tubing
• Electrical insulation
• Analytical instruments
• Environmental monitoring equipment
• Abrasion protection
• Component covering
• Heat exchangers

PTFE Tubing

Outside Diameter.
Inside Diameter.
Coil Sizes.
Other diameters and coil sizes are available upon request.
Metric Sizes
3mm2mm30m & 100m
4mm2mm30m & 100m
4mm2.5mm30m & 100m
5mm3mm30m & 100m
4.5mm3.5mm30m & 100m
6mm4mm30m & 100m
8mm5mm30m & 100m
8mm6mm30m & 100m
10mm8mm30m & 100m
12mm9mm30m & 100m
12mm10mm30m & 100m
Imperial Sizes.
1/16"1/32"30m & 100m
1/8"1/16"30m & 100m
1/4"1/8"30m & 100m
1/4"5/32"30m & 100m
1/4"3/16"30m & 100m
5/16"1/4"30m & 100m
3/8"1/4"30m & 100m
1/2"3/8"30m & 100m


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PTFE Tubing