NYLON-RECOILS-Description: Flexi-coil airline coils are manufactured from seamless nylon (PA) which is then pre-coiled. Each airline is supplied complete with factory fitted 360° swivel male couplings and spring guards each end.

Applications: Nylon Flexi-coils are suitable for air applications including, hand tools, pneumatic control systems, pneumatic conveying systems and industrial robotics.

Chemical resistance: Nylon is resistant to most solvents, dilute acids, alkali, oils, greases, petroleum products, fungi and moulds.

Temperature range: -35°C to +70°C. Occasional use up to 120°C. Brittle point: -70°C.

Nylon Flexicoils

Tube Outside Diameter.
Tube Inside Diameter.
Coil Inside Diameter.
Burst Pressure.
Working Length.
End Fittings.
Pressure and vacuum data is for guide purposes only and is based on an ambient 20°C operating temperature. Any increase in temperature will result in a decrease of the pressure/vacuum capabilities.
8mm6mm60mm65bar2.5 metres0.194 Kgs1/4" BSPT maleRed & Blue
8mm6mm60mm65bar5 metres0.281 Kgs1/4" BSPT maleRed & Blue
8mm6mm60mm65bar10 metres0.453 Kgs1/4" BSPT maleRed & Blue
10mm8mm75mm55bar2.5 metres0.231 Kgs1/4" BSPT maleRed & Blue
10mm8mm75mm55bar5 metres0.340 Kgs1/4" BSPT maleRed & Blue
10mm8mm75mm55bar10 metres0.557 Kgs1/4" BSPT maleRed & Blue
12mm10mm100mm38bar2.5 metres0.287 Kgs3/8" BSPT maleRed & Blue
12mm10mm100mm38bar5 metres0.418 Kgs3/8" BSPT maleRed & Blue
12mm10mm100mm38bar10 metres1.099 Kgs3/8" BSPT maleRed & Blue


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