NOVA is a high quality fire hose for use by Professional Fire Fighters in the
most demanding situations. It is constructed with an all synthetic woven textile
reinforcement encased in high tensile PVC / Nitrile rubber forming a unified
lining and cover. NOVA exceeds the requirements of BS 6391 for type 3 fire
hose and is M.E.D. (Ships Wheel) approved for marine use (previously M.C.A).
It also has a Lloyds Registed approval.


Nova’s construction and unique PVC / Nitrile rubber blend provide excellent
resistance to a wide range of chemicals and oil.

Nova has excellent heat resistance against accidental contact with hot

Nova’s strong PVC Nitrile cover provides a tough external coat ensuring
excellent abrasion resistance.

No drying is required and cleaning is quick and easy.

Nova has excellent ozone and weather resistance and is suitable for the most
demanding environmental conditions.




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