PARIS-HOSE-CP-INT-304-35-Description: Available in Galvanised Steel and Type 304 Stainless Steel to BS1449 (Type 316 upon request) Interlock is manufactured by winding a profiled metal strip into a tube with the edges being completely interfolded. This fully interlocked section is packed with a copper wire (cotton or rubber packing available as a special).

Applications: Interlock is designed for absorbing vibration, thermal expansion and noise attenuation on engine exhausts. Interlock is also used for conveying dry bulk goods grain, dry powders and abrasive granular products.
A stainless steel construction also allows this tube to be used in the food and medical industries.

Maximum Working Temperatures

  • Galvanised Steel: +500°C
  • Stainless Steel: +650°C


Interlock Metallic Tubing

Hose I.D.
Hose O.D.
Inside Bend Radius.
Galvanised Steel.
Inside Bend Radius.
Stainless Steel.
Weight per metre.
Galvanised Steel.
Weight per metre.
Stainless Steel
Interlock can supplied to specific cut lengths.
A range of clamps are available to suit most diameters.
20mm25mm100mm82mm0.59 Kg/Mtr0.45 Kg/Mtr
22mm27mm110mm90mm0.71 Kg/Mtr0.52 Kg/Mtr
25mm30mm125mm102mm0.86 Kg/Mtr0.60 Kg/Mtr
28mm33mm140mm115mm0.92 Kg/Mtr0.68 Kg/Mtr
32mm37mm160mm131mm1.00 Kg/Mtr0.75 Kg/Mtr
35mm40mm175mm144mm1.09 Kg/Mtr0.82 Kg/Mtr
38mm43mm190mm156mm1.19 Kg/Mtr0.90 Kg/Mtr
41mm46mm205mm168mm1.29 Kg/Mtr0.98 Kg/Mtr
45mm50mm225mm185mm1.39 Kg/Mtr1.02 Kg/Mtr
48mm53mm240mm197mm1.47 Kg/Mtr1.10 Kg/Mtr
51mm56mm255mm209mm1.59 Kg/Mtr1.19 Kg/Mtr
54mm60mm270mm221mm1.72 Kg/Mtr1.25 Kg/Mtr
57mm63mm285mm234mm1.84 Kg/Mtr1.35 Kg/Mtr
60mm66mm300mm246mm1.95 Kg/Mtr1.40 Kg/Mtr
63mm69mm315mm258mm2.08 Kg/Mtr1.45 Kg/Mtr
66mm72mm330mm271mm2.18 Kg/Mtr1.52 Kg/Mtr
70mm76mm350mm287mm2.26 Kg/Mtr1.60 Kg/Mtr
72mm78mm365mm299mm2.34 Kg/Mtr1.70 Kg/Mtr
76mm82mm380mm312mm2.45 Kg/Mtr1.78 Kg/Mtr
79mm85mm395mm324mm2.58 Kg/Mtr1.85 Kg/Mtr
83mm89mm415mm340mm2.68 Kg/Mtr1.90 Kg/Mtr
86mm92mm430mm349mm2.75 Kg/Mtr1.98 Kg/Mtr
89mm95mm445mm365mm2.85 Kg/Mtr2.05 Kg/Mtr
92mm98mm460mm377mm2.95 Kg/Mtr2.15 Kg/Mtr
95mm101mm475mm390mm3.05 Kg/Mtr2.20 Kg/Mtr
98mm104mm490mm406mm3.16 Kg/Mtr2.30 Kg/Mtr
102mm108mm510mm418mm3.28 Kg/Mtr2.38 Kg/Mtr
105mm111mm525mm431mm3.40 Kg/Mtr2.42 Kg/Mtr
108mm114mm540mm443mm3.50 Kg/Mtr2.50 Kg/Mtr
114mm120mm570mm467mm3.60 Kg/Mtr2.60 Kg/Mtr
121mm127mm605mm494mm3.90 Kg/Mtr2.72 Kg/Mtr
127mm133mm635mm521mm4.12 Kg/Mtr2.85 Kg/Mtr
130mm136mm650mm533mm4.22 Kg/Mtr2.92 Kg/Mtr
140mm146mm700mm574mm4.55 Kg/Mtr3.10 Kg/Mtr
152mm158mm760mm623mm4.95 Kg/Mtr3.35 Kg/Mtr
165mm171mm825mm678mm5.35 Kg/Mtr3.60 Kg/Mtr
178mm184mm890mm729mm5.75 Kg/Mtr3.85 Kg/Mtr
203mm209mm1015mm832mm6.60 Kg/Mtr4.35 Kg/Mtr
229mm235mm1145mm939mm7.40 Kg/Mtr4.95 Kg/Mtr
250mm256mm1250mm1041mm8.25 Kg/Mtr5.60 Kg/Mtr
279mm285mm1395mm1144mm9.05 Kg/Mtr6.25 Kg/Mtr
305mm311mm1525mm1250mm9.85 Kg/Mtr6.85 Kg/Mtr
Strip Wound Interlocked Tubing


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