Description: Available in Galvanised Steel and Type 304 Stainless Steel (Type 316 upon request) Griplock is manufactured by winding a profiled strip into a tube with an overlapping section. This tube offers a high tensile strength and a strong resistance to crushing. Griplock can be manufactured with a Stay-Put capability which enables the hose to retain its shape once bent into position.

Applications:  Griplock is ideal for absorbing vibration, thermal expansion and noise attenuation on engine exhausts.
Also suitable for use as a protective casing suitable for conveying dry bulk goods, grain, dry powders and abrasive granular products. The corrosion resistant Stainless Steel version makes it suitable for use in the food and medical industries.

Maximum working Temperatures

  • Galvanised Steel: +500°C
  • Stainless Steel: +650°C


Griplock Metallic Tubing

Hose I.D.
Hose O.D.
Galvanised Steel.
Hose O.D.
Stainless Steel.
Inside Bend Radius. Galvanised Steel.
Inside Bend Radius.
Stainless Steel.
Weight per metre. Galvanised Steel.
Weight per metre. Stainless Steel.
* In stainless steel only.
Griplock can be cut and supplied to specific cut lengths and can be manufactured with a Stay-Put capability which enables the hose to retain its shape once bent into position.
6mm9mm8mm25mm33mm0.16 Kg/Mtr 0.10 Kg/Mtr
8mm11mm10mm30mm40mm0.18 Kg/Mtr 0.15 Kg/Mtr
10mm13mm12mm33mm49mm0.23 Kg/Mtr 0.18 Kg/Mtr
12mm16mm15mm45mm68mm0.30 Kg/Mtr 0.23 Kg/Mtr
16mm20mm19mm55mm73mm0.33 Kg/Mtr 0.31 Kg/Mtr
20mm24mm23mm59mm79mm0.34 Kg/Mtr 0.34 Kg/Mtr
22mm26mm25mm63mm85mm0.40 Kg/Mtr 0.38 Kg/Mtr
25mm29mm28mm78mm90mm0.49 Kg/Mtr 0.40 Kg/Mtr
28mm33mm32mm90mm115mm0.62 Kg/Mtr 0.48 Kg/Mtr
32mm37mm36mm96mm120mm0.75 Kg/Mtr 0.55 Kg/Mtr
35mm40mm39mm103mm125mm0.88 Kg/Mtr 0.60 Kg/Mtr
38mm45mm42mm110mm130mm1.01 Kg/Mtr 0.65 Kg/Mtr
41mm48mm45mm115mm142mm1.08 Kg/Mtr 0.70 Kg/Mtr
45mm52mm49mm123mm153mm1.18 Kg/Mtr 0.77 Kg/Mtr
48mm55mm52mm129mm164mm1.26 Kg/Mtr 0.82 Kg/Mtr
51mm58mm55mm135mm175mm1.35 Kg/Mtr 0.87 Kg/Mtr
54mm61mm59mm143mm189mm1.37 Kg/Mtr 0.97 Kg/Mtr
57mm64mm62mm150mm204mm1.39 Kg/Mtr 1.03 Kg/Mtr
60mm67mm65mm158mm218mm1.41 Kg/Mtr 1.08 Kg/Mtr
63mm70mm68mm165mm232mm1.42 Kg/Mtr 1.14 Kg/Mtr
70mm77mm75mm180mm260mm1.68 Kg/Mtr 1.26 Kg/Mtr
73mm*78mm262mm1.32 Kg/Mtr
76mm83mm81mm195mm264mm2.25 Kg/Mtr 1.71 Kg/Mtr
79mm84mm85mm260mm273mm2.30 Kg/Mtr 1.77 Kg/Mtr
83mm88mm89mm269mm283mm2.45 Kg/Mtr 1.86 Kg/Mtr
86mm91mm92mm280mm295mm2.52 Kg/Mtr 1.93 Kg/Mtr
89mm94mm95mm290mm305mm2.61 Kg/Mtr 2.00 Kg/Mtr
92mm97mm98mm302mm318mm2.70 Kg/Mtr 2.06 Kg/Mtr
95mm100mm101mm312mm328mm2.85 Kg/Mtr 2.13 Kg/Mtr
98mm103mm104mm322mm339mm2.92 Kg/Mtr 2.20 Kg/Mtr
102mm107mm108mm328mm345mm3.10 Kg/Mtr 2.29 Kg/Mtr
108mm115mm114mm350mm368mm3.15 Kg/Mtr 2.42 Kg/Mtr
114mm121mm120mm369mm388mm3.25 Kg/Mtr 2.56 Kg/Mtr
120mm*126mm406mm2.69 Kg/Mtr
127mm134mm133mm403mm424mm3.40 Kg/Mtr 2.85 Kg/Mtr
133mm*139mm426mm2.98 Kg/Mtr
140mm147mm146mm446mm469mm3.80 Kg/Mtr 3.14 Kg/Mtr
152mm159mm158mm485mm510mm4.19 Kg/Mtr 3.41 Kg/Mtr
178mm185mm184mm560mm590mm4.85 Kg/Mtr 3.99 Kg/Mtr
203mm210mm209mm640mm673mm5.50 Kg/Mtr 4.55 Kg/Mtr
229mm236mm235mm718mm755mm6.15 Kg/Mtr 5.14 Kg/Mtr
254mm261mm261mm797mm838mm6.80 Kg/Mtr 7.93 Kg/Mtr
279mm286mm285mm873mm919mm7.60 Kg/Mtr 8.71 Kg/Mtr
305mm312mm311mm950mm1000mm8.40 Kg/Mtr 9.52 Kg/Mtr
330mm337mm336mm1030mm1085mm8.98 Kg/Mtr 10.30 Kg/Mtr
356mm363mm362mm1112mm1169mm9.55 Kg/Mtr 11.11 Kg/Mtr
381mm388mm387mm1188mm1250mm10.25 Kg/Mtr 1189 Kg/Mtr
406mm413mm412mm1268mm1334mm10.90 Kg/Mtr 1267 Kg/Mtr
432mm439mm438mm1348mm1418mm11.60 Kg/Mtr 13.48 Kg/Mtr
457mm464mm463mm1425mm1500mm12.25 Kg/Mtr 14.26 Kg/Mtr
Strip Wound Metallic Tubing


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