GOODYEAR-HORIZON-AIR---WATER-HOSE-NO1_retouchProduct Description

Applications: An economical air and water hose, Horizon is for a wide range of industrial, construction and agricultural applications.

Tube: Versigard®; synthetic rubber RMA Class C (Medium Oil Resistance).

Reinforcement: Textile reinforcement

Cover: Yellow, red, blue, green, black Versigard® synthetic rubber (smooth finish).

Temperature Range: —20°F – 190°F (—29°C – +88°C)

Branding: Continuous brand example” 1/2 Horizon® 200 psi WP”.

Goodyear Horizon 200 Hose

Inside Diameter.
Outside Diameter.
Maximum Working Pressure.
Weight Kg/Mtr.
4.8mm (3/16") 11.2mm 200psi0.12
6.4mm (1/4")12.7mm200psi0.13
7.9mm (5/16")14.7mm200psi0.18
9.5mm (3/8")17mm200psi0.22
12.7mm (1/2")20.6mm200psi0.30
16mm (5/8")24.6mm200psi0.40
19mm (3/4")28.5mm200psi0.51
25.4mm (1")36.8mm200psi0.80
32mm (1 1/4")44mm200psi1.12
38mm (1 1/2")50.3mm200psi1.28
51mm (2")63.5mm200psi1.73
Multipurpose 200psi Air/Water Hose


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