·         304-grade stainless steel construction
·         Rolled and ribbed side discs for strength and rigidity
·         Large four-way roller guide to reduce hose wear
·         Supplied as bare reel, hose at extra cost
·         Swept riser assembly for easy hose installation
·         Fitted with viton seals as standard
·         Latching of hose at any length
·        Swivels have a twin O’ ring design for extended trouble free service
·         Externally mounted, fully lubricated spring canister
·         Externally mounted swivel assembly for easy maintenance

CRHA Koreel Stainless Steel Spring Rewind Reel

Model Reference.
Hose I.D.
Hose O.D.
Maximum Pressure.
Swivel In/Out.
Reel Width.
Reel Height.
Reel Depth.
Reel Capacity.
CCRHA-1320SS1/2"7/8"2500psi1/2" BSPF378mm485mm525mm20 metres24kg
CCRHA-1330SS1/2"7/8"2500psi1/2" BSPF378mm540mm575mm30 metres30kg
CCRHA-1920SS3/4"1 1/8"1500psi3/4" BSPF378mm565mm575mm20 metres30kg
CCRHA-1930SS3/4"1 1/8"1500psi3/4" BSPF448mm620mm625mm30 metres45kg
CCRHA-2520SS1"1 1/2"1200psi1" BSPF448mm565mm575mm20 metres48kg
Stainless Steel Spring Rewind Hose Reels


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CRHA Koreel Stainless Steel Spring Rewind Reel