·         Heavy duty steel construction with durable blue powder finish
·         Double supported solid 1″ steel axle
·         Multi-position roller arm gives full range of mounting options
·         Four way, non-snag roller guides to reduce hose wear
·         1/4″ steel mounting base for maximum stability
·         Slotted & drilled mounting holes for easy installation
·         Latching of hose at any length
·         Fully automatic hose rewind for neat and tidy storage
·         Externally mounted full-flow swivel for maximum product delivery

Featuring the Coxreel EZ-Coil Rewind Safety System
This option is available for the majority of Coxreels and can be fitted to the Coxreel of your choice at extra cost.
The EZ-Coil™ Rewind Safety System is a patented rotary-dampening system exclusively researched and designed
by the Engineering Department at Coxreels. The EZ-Coil™ Rewind Safety System controls and eliminates the high,
speed recoil motion associated with conventional spring driven hose reels with no increase in the amount of resistance
when pulling out the hose. Years of research and design went in to producing what is now becoming the industry standard in spring driven hose reel safety and technology.

·         Up to 80% Slower Retraction.
·         Equipped with the EZ-Coil™ Rewind Safety System.
·         No electricity required.
·         Pull-out tension remains unaffected.

Coxreels Heavy Duty Spring Rewind Air/Water Reels

Model Reference.
Hose I.D.
Hose O.D.
Reel Capacity.
Max Pressure.
Swivel In/Out.
Reel Width.
Reel Height.
Reel Depth.
Approx Weight.
Supplied as a bare reel - Hose extra.
P-LPL-1251/4"1/2"25 feet300psi1/4" BSPF153mm369mm350mm11kg
P-LPL-1501/4"1/2"50 feet300psi1/4" BSPF156mm464mm439mm18kg
P-LPL-3253/8"5/8"25 feet300psi3/8" BSPF153mm369mm350mm11kg
P-LPL-3503/8"5/8"50 feet300psi3/8" BSPF156mm464mm439mm18kg
SHL-N-3753/8"5/8"75 feet300psi3/8" BSPF235mm648mm585mm37kg
SHL-N-31003/8"5/8"100 feet300psi3/8" BSPF235mm648mm585mm37kg
P-LPL-4251/2"7/8"25 feet300psi1/2" BSPF156mm461mm435mm18kg
SHL-N-4501/2"7/8"50 feet300psi1/2" BSPF235mm534mm491mm25kg
SHL-N-4751/2"7/8"75 feet300psi1/2" BSPF235mm648mm585mm37kg
SHL-N-41001/2"7/8"100 feet300psi1/2" BSPF235mm648mm585mm37kg
SHL-N-5253/4"1 1/8"25 feet300psi3/4" BSPF235mm534mm491mm25kg
SHL-N-5503/4"1 1/8"50 feet300psi3/4" BSPF235mm648mm585mm37kg
SHL-N-5753/4"1 1/8"75 feet300psi3/4" BSPF318mm648mm601mm35kg
SHL-N-6351"1 7/16"35 feet300psi1" NPTF254mm648mm585mm32kg
SHL-N-6501"1 7/16"50 feet300psi1" NPTF318mm648mm601mm35kg
Air Water Reels


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Coxreels Heavy Duty Spring Rewind Air/Water Reels