CLEAR-WIRE-REINFORCED-PVC-SUCTION-HOSE_retouchDescription: Clear PVC Non-toxic hose reinforced with a steel wire helix. A very flexible hose capable of a tight bend radius with a completely smooth inner and outer for optimized flow characteristics.

Applications: Suction and delivery of air, water, chemicals, powders and foodstuffs. Commonly used in manufacturing, agriculture, construction and food processing industries.

  • Capabilities: 
  • Vacuum resitant
  • Suitable for food use
  • Can be made anti-static by earthing of helix.
  • Ozone and UV resistant

Temperature range: -5°C to +60°C

Clear Wire Reinforced PVC Hose

Hose I.D.
Hose O.D.
Working Pressure.
Burst Pressure.
Vacuum Rating.
Bend Radius.
Coil Lengths.
Pressure and vacuum data is based on an ambient 20°C operating temperature. Any increase in temperature will result in a decrease of the pressure/vacuum capabilities.
6mm12.2mm5.0bar25bar9.5 Mtr/H²O30mm130 g/mtr30/60 metres
8mm14.2mm5.0bar25bar9.5 Mtr/H²O40mm160 g/mtr30/60 metres
10mm16mm7.0bar35bar8.5 Mtr/H²O50mm185 g/mtr30/60 metres
12mm18mm7.0bar35bar8.5 Mtr/H²O50mm210 g/mtr30/60 metres
14mm20mm7.0bar35bar8.5 Mtr/H²O60mm230 g/mtr30/60 metres
16mm22.4mm7.0bar35bar8.5 Mtr/H²O70mm275 g/mtr30/60 metres
18mm24.4mm6.0bar30bar8.5 Mtr/H²O80mm300 g/mtr30/60 metres
20mm27mm6.0bar30bar8.5 Mtr/H²O90mm355 g/mtr30/60 metres
22mm29mm6.0bar30bar8.5 Mtr/H²O100mm390 g/mtr30/60 metres
25mm33mm6.0bar30bar8.5 Mtr/H²O110mm510 g/mtr30/60 metres
30mm38mm5.0bar25bar8.5 Mtr/H²O140mm600 g/mtr30/60 metres
32mm40.4mm5.0bar25bar8.5 Mtr/H²O140mm665 g/mtr30/60 metres
35mm43.4mm5.0bar25bar8.5 Mtr/H²O160mm710 g/mtr30/60 metres
38mm47mm5.0bar25bar8.5 Mtr/H²O170mm805 g/mtr30 metres
40mm49mm5.0bar25bar8.5 Mtr/H²O180mm880 g/mtr30 metres
45mm54.8mm4.0bar20bar8 Mtr/H²O200mm1135 g/mtr30 metres
50mm60mm4.0bar20bar8 Mtr/H²O230mm1275 g/mtr30 metres
60mm71.8mm3.5bar17.5bar8 Mtr/H²O270mm1745 g/mtr30 metres
63mm74.8mm3.5bar17.5bar8 Mtr/H²O280mm1830 g/mtr30 metres
70mm82mm3.5bar17.5bar7 Mtr/H²O320mm2070 g/mtr30 metres
76mm88.2mm3.5bar17.5bar7 Mtr/H²O340mm2275 g/mtr30 metres
80mm92.2mm3.5bar17.5bar7 Mtr/H²O360mm2400 g/mtr20 metres
90mm103mm3.0bar15bar7 Mtr/H²O410mm3025 g/mtr20 metres
102mm115mm2.0bar10bar7 Mtr/H²O460mm3435 g/mtr20 metres
105mm118mm2.0bar10bar7 Mtr/H²O470mm3600 g/mtr20 metres
110mm127.4mm1.6bar8bar9 Mtr/H²O550mm4770 g/mtr20 metres
120mm137.4mm1.2bar6bar9 Mtr/H²O600mm5170 g/mtr20 metres
127mm144.4mm1.2bar6bar9 Mtr/H²O640mm5465 g/mtr20 metres
151mm168.6mm1.2bar6bar9 Mtr/H²O760mm6855 g/mtr20 metres
Clear Wire Reinforced Hose


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