•     Corrosion resistant powder coating
•     Guide arm adjustable handling up to 9 positions
•     Multi-position ratchet-lock
•     Solid 1″ steel axle
•     Spring fully enclosed and lubricated
•     Latching of hose at any length
•     All brass swivel assembly

C808 Reelworks Air Water Reel

Model Reference.
Hose I.D.
Reel Capacity.
Max Pressure.
Inlet / Outlet.
Reel Width.
Reel Height.
Reel Depth.
Net / Gross Weight.
C808-350L10mm15 metres20 Bar3/8"22cm55cm53cm24 / 26 kg
C808-450L13mm15 metres20 Bar1/2"22cm55cm53cm27 / 29kg
C808-466L13mm20 metres20 Bar1/2"22cm55cm53cm27 / 29 kg
Powder Coated Spring Rewind Hose Reels


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C808 Reelworks Air/Water Reel