·         Supplied with 15 metres x 3/8″ flexible, premium hybrid polymer hose.
·         Hose has no memory and lays flat when in use.
·         Fully automatic spring rewind.
·         Low effort easy to use rewind tension.
·         Integral pivoting wall bracket, swivels through 180°.
·         Latching of hose at any length.
·         Latching system can be set to free run if required.


C2752 Reelworks Compressed Air Reel

Model Reference
Hose I.D.
Max Pressure.
Max Temperature.
Reel Width.
Reel Height.
Reel Depth.
Approx. Weight.
C275210 mm15 metres20 Bar60°C19cm42cm37cm12.5Kg
Polypropylene Spring Rewind Hose Reel


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C2752 Reelworks Compressed Air Reel