BRAID-REINFORCED-PVC-HOSE-GROUPDescription: Braided Reinforced PVC Hose is constructed using a flexible 100% PVC tube liner which is reinforced with a 1000 denier polyester high tenacity yarn and then covered with an outer layer of flexible PVC. The ingredients of Braid Reinforced PVC Hose are approved for food contact applications.

Applications: Commonly used in manufacturing, agriculture and food process industries. Braid reinforced PVC hose is suitable for use in food & beverage, compressed air supply, air/water supply, crop spraying and chemical applications.

  • Capabilities: 
  • Silicone & Cadmium free
  • Manufactured from food grade materials.
  • Good UV resistance.

Temperature range: -20°C to +55°C

Braided PVC Hose

Hose I.D.
Hose O.D.
Burst Pressure.
Bend Radius.
Colours Available.
Coil Size.
Pressure and vacuum data is for guide purposes only and is based on an ambient 20°C operating temperature. Any increase in temperature will result in a decrease of the pressure/vacuum capabilities.
5mm10mm64bar17mm0.075 Kg/MtrClear & Black30 metres
6.3mm11.5mm58bar22mm0.091 Kg/MtrClear, yellow, green, red, blue & black.30 metres
8mm13.5mm52bar29mm0.117 Kg/MtrClear, yellow, green, red, blue & black.30 metres
10mm16mm47bar37mm0.153 Kg/MtrClear, yellow, green, red, blue & black.30 metres
12.5mm18.5mm45bar49mm0.183 Kg/MtrClear, yellow, green, red, blue & black.30 metres
16mm23mm37bar65mm0.269 Kg/MtrClear & Black30 metres
19mm26mm33bar84mm0.310 Kg/MtrClear, Green, Red, Blue & Black.30 metres
22mm29mm30bar104mm0.351 Kg/MtrClear30 metres
25mm33mm28bar118mm0.456 Kg/MtrClear & Black30 metres
32mm41mm27bar153mm0.678 Kg/MtrClear & Black30 metres
38mm49mm22bar210mm0.857 Kg/MtrClear30 metres
50mm62mm19bar277mm1.316 Kg/MtrClear30 metres
Braid Reinforced PVC Hose


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