BRAID-REINFORCED-POLYURETHANE-HOSE_retouchDescription: A clear flexible (90°Shore A) polyether polyurethane hose reinforced with a 1000 denier polyester high tenacity yarn. The raw materials are acceptable under FDA regulations for food use.

Applications: Lubrication lines, hydraulic lines, granular transfer, robotics, oil & fuel lines, cement slurries, petroleum products, abrasive products.

  • Capabilities:
  • Food Grade
  • Hydrolysis Resistant
  • Oil Resistant

Temperature range: -30°C to +70°C (Occasional use up to 100°C)

Braided Polyurethane Hose

Hose I.D.
Hose O.D.
Burst Pressure.
Bend Radius.
Coil Lengths.
Pressure and vacuum data is for guide purposes only and is based on an ambient 20°C operating temperature. Any increase in temperature will result in a decrease of the pressure/vacuum capabilities.
6.35mm11.5mm60bar22mm2.43 Kg/30m30 metres
10mm16mm53bar37mm4.12 Kg/30m30 metres
12.5mm18.5mm35bar49mm5.41 Kg/30m30 metres
16mm23mm41bar65mm7.20 Kg/30m30 metres
19mm26mm35bar84mm8.34 Kg/30m30 metres
25mm33mm28bar118mm12.27 Kg/30m30 metres
Clear Reinforced Polyurethane Hose


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