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·         Discs: Heavy gauge steel with rolled edges to add strength and eliminate hose           damage
·         One piece, all welded steel ‘A’ frame construction
·         Rewind hand crank: Solid steel with a roller hand grip
·         Swivel joint: Permits reel to rotate smoothly while connected to the fluid       source. Brass and steel are used as standard for swivel joint inlets.
Stainless steel and other alloys can be supplied to meet special requirements
·         Bearing: Self-aligning pillow block bearings support the drum assembly
·         Rewind mechanism: Positive gear drive on all power rewind reels
·         Drum assembly: All Steel
·         Axle/riser assembly: Provides full flow through the internal plumbing
·         Lock pin: Standard on hand crank models, available at extra cost on power     rewind
·         Tension brake: Standard on hand crank models
·         Rewind motor: Electric rewind. Compressed air motors also available
·         Stainless steel plumbing available on request
·         Supplied as bare reel – hose extra

1125 & 1175 Coxreel Manual Rewind Oil/Diesel Reels

Model Reference.
Hose Capacity
Maximum Pressure.
Swivel In/Out.
Reel Dimensions
Approximate Weight.
Supplied as a bare reel - hose extra
O.D.3/4"7/8"1 1/4"1 7/16"Width.Height.Depth.
1125-4-10043.5m (140')30m (100')3000psi1/2" BSPF553mm461mm445mm16kg
1125-4-20091m (300')60m (200')3000psi1/2" BSPF705mm461mm445mm18kg
1125-4-325137m (450')99m (325')3000psi1/2" BSPF857mm461mm445mm22kg
1125-4-450190m (625')137m (450')3000psi1/2" BSPF1010mm461mm445mm24kg
1125-5-5030m (100')15.2m (50')3000psi3/4" BSPF553mm461mm445mm18kg
1125-5-10060m (200')30m (100')3000psi3/4" BSPF705mm461mm445mm19kg
1125-5-17599m (325')53m (175')3000psi3/4" BSPF857mm461mm445mm23kg
1125-5-250152m (500')76m (250')3000psi3/4" BSPF1010mm461mm445mm27kg
1175-6-5030m (100')15.2m (50')3000psi1" BSPF629mm667mm610mm31kg
1175-6-10046m (150')30m (100')3000psi1" BSPF731mm667mm610mm32kg
1175-6-15076m (250')46m (150')3000psi1" BSPF832mm667mm610mm36kg
1175-6-20091m (300')

60m (200')3000psi1" BSPF956mm667mm610mm38kg
Oil/Diesel - (Max 3000psi) - Power Rewind also Available


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OTHER WORK - 1125 & 1175 Coxreel Manual Rewind Reels

1125 & 1175 Coxreel Manual Rewind Reels