PARIS Hose & Ducting Limited (PHD) is a leading supplier of Hose & Ducting related products and conducts business worldwide.

The business was originally set up as a Hose & Ducting distributor and has expanded in the manufacture of hose assemblies and general production and testing.

PHD was incorporated on 15th April 1986 and remains a privately owned company.

Our success is driven by our people and their commitment to provide our customers with a level of service excellence to exceed their expectations.

Our employees are undoubtedly our greatest asset and are trained to meet our requirements of efficiency and service to customers and suppliers.

The Company recognises that the performance of its Operations and its ongoing success are directly related to the quality and effective performance of employees.

It is the policy of PHD to ensure that employees are able to improve their performance by having appropriate access to effective training and development.

PHD values each customer regardless of size and is committed to develop mutually beneficial relationships.

Our aim is to exceed customer expectations by providing an unrivalled service and by providing high quality, cost effective products and solutions to satisfy customer requirements.

Our aim is to develop long term, close working relationships with our suppliers.

Our preferred supplier policy focuses mainly on market leading brands and quality products.

PHD continues to work with our suppliers to develop new innovative products to meet the ever changing requirements of our customer base.

PHD is a financially sound Company which pays all of its suppliers to agreed terms

The Company is committed to conduct its affairs in an honest, open and fair manner and to comply with the law.

Health & Safety
The Company regards the promotion of health, safety and welfare measures as a mutual objective for the Company and all its employees.

The Company is committed to promote a positive and informed health and safety culture and to do all that is reasonable to prevent injury and hazards to health by protecting people, including members of the public, from foreseeable hazards, insofar as they come into contact with the Company or its products.

The company has been a regular contributor to the national charity, McMillan Cancer Support and also to DEBRA, a local charity who help people that suffer from Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).

Paris Hose and Ducting Ltd recognise that its products, processes, and activities impact the environment and have the potential to cause harm.

The Managing Director has overall responsibility for environmental matters and the General Manager is responsible for all administrative and operational procedures. Each employee is also expected to understand, adhere to and promote this policy.

We are committed to achieving excellent environmental performance and will conduct our business according to the following key principles:

– We are committed to meeting all relevant legislative, regulatory and other requirements to which we are subject.

– We aim continually to purchase and use environmentally friendly products where possible.

– We will integrate the consideration of environmental concerns and impacts into all of our decision making and activities.

– We will avoid unnecessary use of hazardous materials and products, seek substitutions when feasible, and take all reasonable steps to protect human health and the environment when such materials must be used, stored and disposed of.

– We will promote the efficient use of energy and other resources whilst striving
to eliminate waste and emissions.

– We will be an environmentally responsible neighbour in the community where we operate. We will minimise risk to human health and the Environment and correct incidents or conditions that endanger health, safety, or the environment accordingly.

– We will ensure that environmental issues are considered during any acquisition or divestiture process.

– We will communicate to all persons working for or on behalf of the Company our Environmental Policy and seek to engage them in our commitment to continual improvement.

July 2014