Applications Page

Whether you are conveying aggressive chemical media at extreme temperatures or have a low pressure air, water or dust application, Paris Hose will have a solution to almost any hose or ducting application.

Please use our Applications Search Tool to find products relating to your market. Alternatively for technical advice on new or existing applications please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Useful information to help with this process can be gathered by using the “S.T.A.M.P” method:

S = Size … what diameter is required…keep in mind hose size is normally expressed using the inside diameter (ID) or Bore. On certain applications the outside diameter of the hose can be of importance dependant on the type of fittings used.
T = Temperature … In order to select the correct hose material it is important that you know the maximum and minimum temperature of the environment in which the hose has to operate, as well as the maximum and minimum temperature of the media being conveyed through the inside of the hose.
A = Application … how and where is the hose going to be used. Consider not only what the application is but the surrounding environment, number of hours used, are there any chemicals or petroleum products that the hose will come into contact with, what are the flexing characteristics of the application?
M = Media … What is the media being conveyed through the hoses? Is it abrasive? Is it laden with chemicals or fumes that call for greater chemical resistance in the polymer? Is the hose being used for more than one media?
P = Pressure … Establish what the working pressure is…positive (PSI)/Bar or negative (In. Hg)/mm Hg. Is the pressure constant or subject to surges in pressure?